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First bike build - CX commuter advice

I'm a new bike cad user and very excited. I'm trying to build this new bike with belt drive and alfine di2 while still learning frame geometry.

The primary use of the bike will be commuting (20 miles each way) . I want to put fenders on so I don't have to take the bus if the roads are wet or snowing. If the bike turns good I will take it to a cyclocross race perhaps next year.

I'm not sure about the top tube length. I'm 6'3" and have been trying to mimick angles and sizes of production bikes, because of that I feel afraid of building a Frankstein just by averaging most of the manufacturers dimensions instead of proper fitting. Bikecad fit advisor does a great job, however I'm unsure if I should just accept it or tweak anything.

I've entered my dimensions and the frame design:


Would anyone be able to bless my frame geometry or share any suggestions ?