Splash screen (Customizing)

Because BikeCAD Pro can be customized in so many ways from the look and feel to the library of standard parts and the formulae and procedures used by the Fit advisor, it is nice that now in BikeCAD version 12, we can further apply our own branding to the program through customization of the splash screen.

If we wish to replace the default splash screen with an image of our own, we can select View >> Customize and select the "Change" button beside the splash screen image field. Then simply browse for an appropriate image and you're done.

The next time BikeCAD launches, you'll see your own image which might be the logo for your bicycle fit studio, an image from Instagram that inspired you, or something that might give you a laugh like this dude on his unicorn bike, this cute little kid, or maybe you just want to look at the same picture of Dave Coulier everyday.

To restore the default splash screen, simply select View >> Customize and click the "Use default" button next to the splash screen image field.