Tabulating specs from multiple bikes

A custom framebuilder had over a thousand BikeCAD models and he wanted a way to tabulate some of the critical specs from these designs to do some analysis. In BikeCAD version 19.0, in the Customize dialog box, the Configure CSV output tab can now be used to select what dimensions you'd like to tabulate for a collection of BCAD files. Switch the menu at the top from Single model to Multiple models. In this example, we've picked out BB drop, chain stay length, front center, head angle, head tube length, stack and reach and a few more. To export these dimensions for several models, we'll select File >> Export building specs (in CSV file) >> Multiple models. We'll then be asked to select a folder containing our collection of BCAD files. Next, we'll enter a name for our CSV output file and wait as BikeCAD generates our file. It should take approximately three seconds for each BCAD file that gets read in. The resulting CSV file can be read into a spreadsheet program for further analysis.