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rear disc brake reinforcement strut

Hi Brent,

I'm wondering whether BikeCAD Pro Version 11.5 lets me specify a reinforcement strut like the one shown in the picture.


If it does please explain how since I could not find it.

If not please include it into the next version ;-)




Rear disc brake reinforcement strut

That's the type of thing one might hope to accomplish using the extra tube option. Unfortunately, as of version 11.5, extra tubes can be added to any combination of tubes except the seat stays and chain stays. I will strive to extend the extra tube option to the seat stays and chain stays in a future update.

Brent has there been any

Brent has there been any updates to this? I'm running version 11.74 and have not been able to figure out how to do it.

Extra tubes in the rear triangle

Unfortunately, I did not have time to add an option for extra tubes in the rear triangle in version 12. Still, you may find some other enhancements worth your while in version 12. You can download it from your account as described at: bikecad.ca/downloading_bikecadpro.

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