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extremely slow startup

Hi there,

I am waiting now for 1 hour on the white screen. I tried yesterday evening on Internet Explorer and left it overnight. This morning it was started. After a restart of the laptop I am trying to start it bikecad free again, but still nothing. I reinstalled Java (8u40), but still nothing. Is there some way to speed things up?




Slow startup

I had a similar issue when I updated to the Java plug-in version An explanation of how I resolved things for myself is posted here.



I uninstalled all java and installed 7u79 jre. Firefox is saying now, it needs a plugin. Then I tried internet explorer which needed to install Java 5 and installed it. Now it seems to be working on internet exploder but firefox still gives a missing plugin.



Solved it for me

I've been having some trouble getting Bikecad working too with the latest version of Java.  However, after reading this thread, I uninstalled it all and downloaded JRE 7u79 32-bit (from here, in case it's useful:  http://www.klaus-hartnegg.de/gpo/download.html?more_java ), and Bikecad is now working for me on both IE and Firefox.  So, thanks for the help.  In case it's useful, I'm on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.

Also, I'd like to add a very big thanks to you, Brent, for developing this extremely useful software and offering it for free to everyone.  Frankly, I've read some threads from people who appear to feel an entitlement to have all these problems fixed.  However, I would argue that, as someone who has extremely kindly offered this for free, you are far, far from owing anybody anything.

Links to older JRE's

Thanks for the kind words and the handy links to older JRE's. I'm glad to hear you've got things up and running again. I will continue to investigate this issue and strive to make BikeCAD functional on as many platforms as possible.

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