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how can i widen the rear track of my 2005 specialized hard rock sport?


I'm sorry, but BikeCAD does not currently handle tricycles.

Brent, do you think that

Brent, do you think that BikeCAD will support Tricycles at some point?  I'd like to design one.



While I would like to account for tricycles, I regret that there are a few other designs that are going to be higher priorities than tricycles.  For example, there is a great demand for tandems and I'm determined to add that option next.  What makes tricycles so tricky is the vast array of different styles of trikes. Children's tricycles, adult tricycles, recumbent tricycles in both delta and tadpole configurations are all forms of tricycles that would require fairly different interfaces to configure.

Having said that, trikes are still something I would like to account for at some point and I thank you for your interest.

Tricycles any links that you know of?



   I am riding an adult semi-recumbent tricycle in the Delta configuration.  Had to cut and try things until it was all in one piece.  This took many years and had to wait for three moves and two different jobs, but now it's running.  I still would like to try some changes like under seat steering and a seat that can be adjusted for tilt, but I see that Bikecad does not support Trikes? 

Is there any way to import an existing frame picture into Bikecad and just shrink and stretch the parts around like you can with Bikecad?


P.S. I could not get Java and Bikecad to run unless I was in Internet explorer regardless of the Java exceptions that I copied from your help page.  In other words no other browser would work except Internet Explorer.  Maybe you should mention that in your help pages somewhere and you might get a few more subscribers.


That being said, thanks for all the great efforts and don't stop now!




You are correct that BikeCAD does not support the design of tricycles. Of course, a trike with a delta configuration could still have a similar front end to a regular diamond frame bike and therefore BikeCAD and BikeCAD Pro could still be useful. The option to import a photo of a bike is only available in BikeCAD Pro.

Thanks for the feedback on your experience with the free version. Google Chrome no longer supports the Java plug-in. However, despite any troubles you may have had with other browsers, the free version of BikeCAD can still be made to run on Firefox and Safari in addition to Internet Explorer.

I've designd a coupl of

I've designd a coupl of trikes using BkeCAD - basically just pretend it's a bicycle, and use BikeCAD to lay out the main frame geometry. It's enough to be able to set up jigs etc.

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