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Specifying document size in PDF export



I am trying to create a full size printout to lay out my tubes on for markup.

I make only the frame itself visable and export to a pdf. When I open the PDF the dimension is 46" wide which is too big for the local rint shop max of 36".

I have tried it with and without a title box and setting the free space in the box down to a couple of mm, tried the 3 available aspect ratios, but it still generates a 46" wide pdf. I really don't want to tile 36" pages to print a lot of white space.




Printing PDF onto 36" roll

The trick is to use negative values in the free space fields. This is explained at: bikecad.ca/fitting_the_titleblock

I needed to set the aspect

I needed to set the aspect ratio to 11x17 paper size as well but that did the trick. Thanks!

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