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Editing a Design Saved Online

I saved a design online, I can see it in "My Designs". I would like to Open it and continue modifying it... Is it possible?

Thanks in advance,

Editing a Design Saved Online

Yes, it is possible to open your saved model and continue modifying it. Look for the Open model in BikeCAD link on the model info page as shown at: bikecad.ca/launching. The thing is, when you save it, it doesn't overwrite the old file as you might have expected it to. Instead, each time you save your design, you'll get a new model listed in your "My Designs" tab. Models are displayed from newest to oldest. Ultimately what this will give you is a revision history of all the changes you've made along the way. Once you've got a final design you're happy with, you might not see any value in keeping your earlier models. You can select the edit tab associated with any of your older models and click the Delete button to remove the design from your collection. Admittedly, if you have a lot of old models to delete, it can be somewhat cumbersome to delete each one individually. In the future, I hope to modify the interface to allow you to delete several models at once.

Editing a Design Saved Online

Hi Brent, I just didn't see the "Open model in BikeCAD / Download BCAD File" links (guess I was just tired after work). So I consulted the FAQ, saw how to start from a "Design Archive" sample, made my design public, and went from there.

I first used BikeCAD back in June, when I was in the process of buying my second bike. Getting the proper fit was my first priority, and this time I wanted to get it right. The local bike shops were generally not that helpful, although a couple did try. So I searched online, and eventually found your program: WOW ! Using BikeCAD, and some actual measurements of my old bike, test rides, etc., I was able to determine my fit and had the confidence to buy my new bike online... it fits perfectly! Thanks so much. Right now, I'm helping a friend whose custom Serotta was trashed in an accident. He's a bit of a tough fit, we're trying to see if he can fit on a stock carbon bike, or if he has to go custom (steel) again.

Thanks again for this amazing program, ...Tom

Editing a Design Saved Online

Great Tom. Thanks for the kind words about BikeCAD. You did a nice job modeling that Serotta Colorado III. I hope that in time the Design Archive will contain many more bikes like that so that we can objectively compare the geometry of bikes we've ridden or are considering riding.

Editing a drawing from My Designs

so, how do I edit dimensions of a drawing that I have saved under My Designs?


I found it.

I found it.

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