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Yes, it does work!

Even on Windows XP with IE 8. I wouldn't be surprised if BikeCAD works on Solaris. It can't get any cheaper than free. Addressing security warnings and being patient while a model downloads, even on a quick connection, has been required.

I'm not willing to wait; the cost of the Pro version has been worth it. It has saved a lot more than the time and money I would have, and have, spent experimenting.

Brent, thanks for a fantastic program.

All the best.


Free version

Thanks for the kind words Peter. For all those still struggling to run the free version, I am still hard at work on a version that will not require a plugin. In the meantime, I hope some of you will take the plunge and try BikeCAD Pro. It is very easy to install and run on Mac, PC or Linux.

Try this :)

Hi all, 

1. change your JAVA security settings as said above.

2. open safari preferences

3. goto Security 

4. Click on Plugin-Settings

5. Select Java on the left side

6. Click on bikecad.ca and change the permission level

7. enjoy bikecad :)







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