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I.S mount for 140mm rotor

I try to fit an I.S mount for a 140mm Disc rotor on seat stay , but no standard library for 140mm (only for 160 and 180mm).

I can see that the dimentions (G and E) are not changeing when toggling between 160 and 180mm rotor disc. 

Will this also be the case with a 140mm rotor?  The I.S mount is the same , but you change the IS to post adaptor?

My problem is that I have made a frame with the I.S mount for 160mm rotor , useing a 140mm disk and Shimano IS to Post adaptor for 140mm rotor , the brake pads "just" bide on the rotor. If it was "biding" 2mm lower if would be perfect .  The only way to do this , as I see it , is either move the I.S mount , or modify the IS to post adapter.

greetings from Slovenia





I.S. Mount for 140mm rotor

I.S. mounting tabs for the rear wheel are the same for 140mm rotors through to 200mm rotors. Different rotor sizes are accommodated through the use of adapters. You'll need a +0mm adapter for a 140mm rotor in the rear. Incidentally, the +0mm adapter could also be used on the front fork for a 160mm rotor. An example of a +0mm adapter is shown below. This one is by Avid.

Had you used post mounts on the rear, you would not need an adapter for a 140mm rotor. Post mounts can actually come in different lengths so that larger rotors can also be used without the need for adapters. Of course, once you use longer post mounts, you sacrifice the option to use smaller rotors at all.

I.S. Mount for 140mm rotor

Super-  Perhaps BikeCAD in future versions will incoporate a 140mm rotor standard . This will take confusion away from people like me :-)




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