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Screen Resolutions Issue


I've got BC loaded on my laptop, and at home it works fine with the large external monitor. I'm on a business trip, and I can't properly use it on my laptop's small screen because some of the pop-ups like paint don't appear when activated. I think they are off-screen somewhere, but can't figure out where. I once adjusted the screen resolution temporarily and found them, but I can't recall how I did it. Some of the pop-ups do show up and can be used, but I can't really use the product properlyright now, and I'd like to in a few days when I've got a four hour flight home. Suggestions?


Managing dialog boxes

There is some useful information on this subject here. That page describes where you can find the file that stores the information about the size and location of each dialog box. You could delete that file to restore your dialog boxes to their original size. However, what would likely be simpler would be to switch to one of the other two available states for managing dialog box size and position.

In a future update of BikeCAD Pro I may add a feature to reset the dialog box size and position.

Thanks, Brent. I switched to

Thanks, Brent. I switched to state #2, and it's good to go. This will work well to switch between home and on the road.

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