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Save (overwrite) and Save As

Currently, the 'save online' function does a "save as", and creates a new version instead of over-writing the current one.

Would be nice to have Save and Save As - I don't always want a new version created, often I am happy to over-write the previous one.

Overwriting designs

Thanks for the feedback. I will consider that option.

Save (overwrite) and Save As


Moreover there can be problems if you have a design published and diffuse the link of that design. If later you make some little change to that design the "Save as" will create a new page address and the previous link will not point to the updated design.

I agree that this would be a

I agree that this would be a useful feature. I do a lot of running revisions and end up with dozens of versions of the same thing.


A word of caution though - more than once I've changed something by mistake, and only noticed down the line that it's no longer right. The current functionality means that I can just go back to the last correct version and go from there. If I was able to just saved rather than save as each time, I would be hopeless.


I don't know whether it would be possible to have a sort of foldered version where on the 'my designs' page each design has its own thumbnail, and then you can select each saved version within it? really the only problem with only having 'save as' functionality at the moment is that the 'my designs' page gets filled up with very similar versions of the same thing. 

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