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Importing fonts?

Hey all, 

I did a quick glance, but didn't see it covered... How do we input more fonts into the program?

Can anyone break it down in simple, easy to follow instructions for a non tech saavy guy like myself?




Importing fonts

BikeCAD will automatically include all fonts installed on your operating system. This is discussed at: bikecad.ca/adding_fonts.

If you would like your logo to be built into BikeCAD so you do not need to rely on having the appropriate font installed in order to properly view your design, I could include your logo in the next update of BikeCAD as described at: bikecad.ca/brand_logos, just send me your logo in some vector based file format such as AI, SVG, EPS, or PDF.



 Well, I am doing a special project with a different font, so I was just looking to upload the new one so I can see how it looks. 

If it does it automatically, does it do it once the computer restarts?



Adding fonts

Once you've added the new font to your operating system, you do not need to restart the computer, just restart BikeCAD and the new font should be available in the Decal text and colors section of the Paint dialog box.

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