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Bikepacking Soft Luggage

Hi Brent,

It would be great to have some extra bikepacking soft luggage options, maybe a seat pack, a frame bag and a bar roll.

On smaller frames it could really help working out what will fit.



Bikepacking soft luggage

Thanks for the suggestion. I will plan to account for that in the next update.

Also, the "fuel tank" bags

Also, the "fuel tank" bags that many companies sell - that sit on the top tube in either the HT-TT angle, or the HT-seatpost angle.  Very common.  Another option would be expanding the "water bottle" features to include the three-bolt sorts of "everything holders" that Salsa sells, plus the ability to put both put an "everything stuff sack" in the mount.  Finally, having the option to have those on the forks would be great, as that's becoming a very common setup for bikepackers.

Fuel tank bags

Thanks for the feedback. All good ideas. In the meantime, I recommend modeling bikepacking accessories using the Freehand drawing tool which is new for version 13. For more on freehand drawing, see: bikecad.ca/freehand.

Ah, yes - that's what I get

Ah, yes - that's what I get for not reading/watching all the release notes on v13!  Yes, that works quite nicely.  The only thing I can't seem to do is figure out how to get the drawing to sit between the pedals/cranks (or riders legs/feet) in the z-order ...  but other than, it's great!

Freehand drawing Z-order

Thanks for pointing this out. There are currently only 3 options with the mask icon. You can show your sketch entirely behind the model, only on the frame/fork but behind the decals, or entirely in front of the model. In retrospect, although there might be cases where people will want to draw something over top of the rider, I suppose there are likely going to be more cases where they'll want to draw something in front of the bike, but behind the rider. That's something I will plan to address in the next update.

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