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Saddle to Handlebar Reach Dimension

I used to have access to this dimension on the online version, but now it is greyed out. If I load a drawing I previously created, that box is still checked, but the dimension no longer appears on the drawing, nor can I select or de-select it. I can understand the need to keep some things for the Pro version, but I'm not building bicycles. I just want to check what would happen if I change seatposts.

Saddle to handlebar dimension

Thanks for the feedback. With each new update of BikeCAD, both the Pro and the free version gain new features. I guess at some point I must have considered some of the new features I was adding to the free version and thought they warranted a removal of some other feature. It's not always my focus, but every now and then I think about my bottom line. It seems like a cheaper option for occasional users is a pretty common request. I will try to address this in the future.

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