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Standard Component Order

Hey Brent,

Is there a way to re-organize my "standard components" so that they're in order alpha numerically? Right now saddles are a bit out of order as are wheel sizes. I'm not sure if I did this or somehow.

Standard component order

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'd heard this was an issue on Linux, but I had not realized it was also an issue on Macs. On a PC, the menus always populate alpha numerically. I just checked this out on another Mac and the components are also out of order, but not in the same order as on your computer. I will investigate this further.

Order of standard components

After further investigation, I've resolved this issue for the next update of BikeCAD. Here's a screen capture:

Thanks man! It's kind've

Thanks man! It's kind've ridiculously awesome how fast you are at fixing things.



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