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Reducing Saddle Length

I realized that when I try to reduce the saddle length from a standard 270mm to 240mm (e.g. Specialized Romin to Power saddle for example), the saddle length adjusts by chopping the rear of the seat. But what if I want it to reduce the length from the front? IS his possible?.  I realized that by only chopping the rear of the sadddle, I cannot get the acutual saddle set-up (rail posiiton on the clamp) that exists on a bike I have measured. The Saddle setback should read 2-3cm less than what it actually does when the saddle is reduced only from the rear (the setback remains fixed on the original saddle length.


Hope you can help!



Saddle length

If you reduce dimension L, you will also most likely want to reduce dimension A. Try this and let me know if you still have issues.

Thanks Brent I think that s

Thanks Brent I think that s it!

Hi guys, sorry been using

Hi guys, sorry been using Bike CAD for years but not so good at drawing new components for myself.... where are we measuring from for dimension A.... is it the mid rail position? i.e. middle of the parallel bit of the rails?


Hmm, just had a re-look and is it mid saddle top?

Dimension A on saddle

A lot of saddles these days are pretty flat across the top. However, a traditional saddle would have a dip somewhere along the top surface. Dimension A is meant to identify the low point of the saddle shape as shown below.

Since the low point of the saddle would be the natural point for a rider to settle into when they sit on the bike, this is where the model of the rider will be positioned. It is also the reference point we'll use for taking dimensions such as saddle height. Having said that, the rider and the saddle reference point can be shifted using the Saddle reference point (X and Y) values as described at: bikecad.ca/saddle_reference_point.

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