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Should changing Fork A-C and Offset (Rake) also change the Head Angle?

Hi Brent et al,

I've just started testing the Free  version.

Should changing Fork A-C and Offset (Rake) also change the Head Angle?

Wouldn't the Head Angle increase if the A-C was made shorter

Thanks, MTB.

Head Angle

The head angle is one of the Primary Dimensions that you always set.  It does not change with others.

Other properties of the front triangle will, depending on what the field below head angle is set to.  It changes what you don't explicitly define.

So, for instance, if you fix the reach and stack and change the A-C, you also change the HTL.

This is my understanding of this.

Expecting head angle to change

Ed is correct. When you input any dimension into BikeCAD, be it seat tube length, BB drop, head angle or whatever, these are the exact specs for your bicycle design. You never have to worry about any of these dimensions randomly changing on you. The only caveat to be aware of is when you have a drop down menu for selecting your preferred form of input. For example, you can control the BB position by BB drop or by BB height. If you enter a dimension for BB drop, but then switch the menu to BB height, you have now given up control of BB drop in favour of controlling it by BB height. Obviously, since wheel diameter is another input variable, BikeCAD can't possibly allow you to directly control the frame by both BB drop and BB height at the same time.

BB drop or height

If you are curious about the effect of swapping in different forks on an existing design, the Lock frame tool can be used for that.

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