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Tabs for different sets of dimensions/features

Hi Brent,

one feature that I think would be very helpful is being able to add different pages or tabs, like in an excel file for instance. This would allow the user to save different sets of dimensions in one single design file, i.e. one page for the jig set up, another one for the bike dimensions and a third one for the tubes.

Last week I took lessons on bicycle design and frame building with Andrés Arregui in Spain and we used BikeCAD to design the bicycles. During the design process I missed having this feature, since we had to save different files for different set of dimensions and measures. Having all of them in the same file would have come very in handy.


Tabs for sets of dimensions

I trust you are aware of Dimension templates in BikeCAD Pro?

This option was introduced to allow builders to quickly switch between different sets of dimensions. Still, I understand how you might want some even easier way to toggle between dimensions and therefore, there is also an option to customize where templates are accessed. By default, you'll need to select File >> Open template >> Dimensions and then select the template you want from the list. However, alternatively, you can have buttons for each template as shown below.

To show templates in this way, go to View >> Customize and uncheck the box for Open templates in file menu. Also notice that you have the option to show all templates as individual buttons or to have them grouped in menus by template type.

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