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Showing Paragon's Chainstay Yoke

It would be great to be able to show paragon's chainstay yoke in the chainstay view.  It would help a lot with calculating clearances.

Paragon chain stay yoke

Thanks for the suggestion. This does seem to be a popular request.

Hi Brent. Are there any news

Hi Brent. Are there any news on this topic?

best florian

Paragon chain stay yoke

Sorry, no news, but I will try to discuss this with Paragon when I see them at the Philly Bike Expo next weekend.

Paragon chain stay yoke

Sorry to raise this topic from the archives, but I was hunting for a way to add the Paragon yoke into a drawing. Is this still something that's potenitally on the cards? Thanks.

Chainstay yokes

The next update of BikeCAD will include chainstay yokes. So far, I've got Paragon MS0060, MS2060, and PP0011. If anyone has any other yokes they'd like to see included, please send me a drawing in DXF or PDF format.

Chainstay Yokes

Hi Brent, any date on the next BikeCAD update including the yokes?




Version 15

I'm not great at forecasting these things. I definitely feel like this one is long overdue, but I think it should be ready in weeks, not months. Having said that, if anyone has any other yoke designs they'd like added to the next update, I would still love to have them.

Version 15

Thanks Brett.

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