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Stay Auxiliary View

Why does the seat tube appear as an oval in the auxiliary stay view? I can't figure it out but I assume there must be a reason for it.

Stay auxiliary view

The auxiliary view of the seatstays looks at a plane that runs from the bottom of the stays to the top of the stays. This plane almost always slices through the seat tube at an angle and for that reason, you'll see the seat tube displayed as an oval.

Seat Stay Auxilliary View Not Available.

Hello, I am new to BikeCad and CAD in general so sorry if I am missing something obvious.

I am running the free version of bikecad in my browser but I can't find the option to display auxilliary views. 
Clicking View only gives me the option to toggle to scroll to zoom function or help translate bikecad.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Auxiliary view of stays

The auxiliary view of the stays is only available in BikeCAD Pro.

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