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Fit Advisor rider rendering

I'll try to make this question make sense - I use the Fit Advisor rendering of the rider to judge the fit on the frame, in particular, the seat tube angle with respect to the rider's knee position over the crank.  With the carnk in the 0 degree (horizontal) position, I take a line through the pedal spindle up vertically through the rider's knee.  I usually do this by dragging the Stack dimension over.  Then I look to see if the knee is forward or back of the pedal spindle and adjust the seat angle as desired. 

My question refers to the ratio of the femur dimension (D on the fit advisor page) to the inseam (C).  I recently realized that the fit calulation was simply dividing the inseam length in half for the rider anatomy so that femur length was always half of the inseam.  I changed that in the fit advisor settings so that the femur length was in proportion to the total length of the leg, which is L1 and L2 on the rider anatomy settings.   SO - 

With that said, it does not seem that the rendering of the rider changes with respect to the femur length.  I can set femur length to a ridiculous number, and it looks the same.  I suspect that the rendering uses the simple division in half that I was seeing the in the rider anatomy page. 

My question is, is this the case, and can it be changed to use the result that is provided in the rider anatomy pages?  I spend a lot of time trying to get this right, and realize that I may have been using the rider image improperly.  This is extremely important in my mind, as this is a really critical fit element that is often overlooked IMHO.


Thanks for any insight - attached a pic to show my change to the Fit Advisor rider anatomy L1-L2


BikeCAD Pro v16.0

Controlling the rider anatomy

To answer your question, I created the following video. Everything you've described doing seems correct. I don't understand why your updated formulas would not have worked as expected. The only explanation I can come up with is pointed out in the video: after entering new values in the Fit adivor fields, you must then click Calculate followed by choosing the Rider anatomy tab on the right and choosing Apply to BikeCAD model.



Thank you for your response video. I think the step I was missing was to go to the rider anatomy tab before applying the changes. I was assuming it was being applied out on main fit page.  I think this will solve my problem.

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