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Fork Crown Forks

Hello, do you have a primer on controlling all the fork variables? I am designing a track bicycles and would like to use a 1" x 24 mm cast fork crown but I'm challenged with inputing and designing the fork. Thank you.

Cast fork crown

While BikeCAD admittedly doesn't collect fork dimensions in quite the level of detail that you might want for fork fabrication, you can model the square shape of a cast fork crown with a similar degree of detail as you can a unicrown fork. To obtain the fork profile below, I've set E=0 and H = A - 2 * J

Fork dialog box
Fork crown styles

Fork dimensions

Fork dialog box


Thank you Brent for your quick response. This is helpful. 

Input for the Fork Crown thickness is controlled by G in the above panel. If so, I can control the location of the Fork Crown top and Fork Crown brake hole. I can locate the bottom of the Fork Crown and the front clearance with the tire. When I draw these by hand, I normally go up from the centerline of where the brake pads hold the rim. Does BikeCAD locate the bottom of the Head Tube based on the (G fork crown thickness), lug dimensions, bottom stack (+race), Axle to top of crown, axle to brake hole, and rim diameter (ERD) ? Thank you!


Locating the bottom of the head tube

Once the front axle position has been established, the bottom of the head tube is located from the axle based on fork length, rake (offset), head angle, and the bottom stack height of the headset.

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