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Tange IRD Dropouts

Would it be possible to add the Tange IRD sliding dropouts? I think there are two different versions




Tange IRD Dropouts

I'm always happy to add any dropouts to BikeCAD. Unfortunately, I don't have drawings for these particular dropouts. I appreciate any help anyone can offer on this front. On that note, kudos to companies like Paragon Machine Works who make their dropout designs available for download from their web site.

THank you, I'll see if I can

THank you, I'll see if I can get the information from the distributor

Tange IRD Dropouts

Hello! May I ask if you need a whole set or parts, what type QR or thru-axle?

Tange Dropouts

I would be interested in including your entire catalog of rear dropouts. Looking forward to receiving your CAD files as soon as you are able to provide them.

Tange IRD dropouts

Thanks to Tange for supplying this model. It is ready to go in the next update of BikeCAD.

IRD dropouts

Excellent thank you! DO you

Excellent thank you! DO you know when the next update is likely to be?

Version 16

I'm hoping to get version 16 out in about two weeks.

Tange Dropouts

Hi Brent,

Any news on the inclusion of the Tange IRD QR sliding dropouts?

It seems the Alu versions we get here in South Africa, tend to be a little soft.

I'd like to have them manufactured in something more robust.

Much obliged


IRD Broski Sliding Dropouts

These dropouts were included in BikeCAD version 16. They are listed among the static drawings as IRD Broski Sliding.

Much obliged.

Much obliged.

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