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Transferring saved dimensions between updated Bikecad versions

Is there a way to save each dimension set and transfer them to the new updated versions of Bikecad? It's kind of a pain to have to go through and re-select each dimension/measurement everytime there is an update. 





Dimension templates

Yes, there is a video about this at: bikecad.ca/updating_bikecad_pro. If you are not comfortable with that, this is also addressed at the 1:02 minute mark of this video: bikecad.ca/updating_bikecad_pro_simply.

Thanks Brent. I'm okay with

Thanks Brent. I'm okay with copying files over from one to another, but my problem is that the first video looks to be a much older version of Windows and looks nothing like what I see in Windows 10. Open File Location doesn't seem to be an option when I right click the BikeCad file. 

Transferring configuration files

While some of these short cuts might change with operating systems or versions, one thing that has been consistent over the years is the configuration files are stored in a folder called BikeCAD_XX.X_configuration. You can do a search for this folder using your Windows File Explorer.

I've just created a somewhat related video which I recorded in Windows 11. You can see it at: bikecad.ca/removing_old_versions.

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