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Anvil Journeyman 3.1 Fixture Setup

Hi I would like to ask for help setting up the fixture's effective top tube length. ( please refer to the image) It is measured from the BB to the HT. Is there another name for it in BikeCAD Pro? Thank you very much!

My latest project using Columbus Max tubing. Opposing tube shapes are quite challenging to miter.

Fixture measurements

The dimension which is labeled as Head tube height in your diagram is referred to as Head tube bottom (Y) in BikeCAD Pro.  You'll find this measurement in the Jig setup tab in the Dimensions dialog box.

It looks like you've got those tubes fitting together nicely in your fixture.  Nice work!

yes thank you I have that

Yes thank you. I have that figured out.  My question is the length that is labeled effective toptube length on the diagram. from bb what is that in BikeCAD Pro.

Head tube bottom (X), perhaps

Head tube bottom (X), perhaps?


Head tube bottom (X)

Sorry.  Thanks to Tuesday for catching that.  He's correct.  The dimension is Head tube bottom (X).

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!

Setting up Reach and Stack on Anvil Journeyman Type 4

I am having a hard time inderstanding the scale for setting up the jig to a specific reach and stack. the scale printed on the jig does not make sence to me. any help is apreciated.


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