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guide lines/snap dimensions

Hi Brent,

First off, thank you soo much for creating such a valuble tool.

When I'm drafting my prospective frames some times I need to know dimensions or angles that are non standard in bikecad. For instance bb to handle bar end. It would be super cool if I was able to have these kind of dimensions "snap" to important/common locations such as the bb or front axle etc. If these dims are locked to those locations and they could change as my model changes that would be extremely useful. 

The other idea I had would be a simple guide lines feature, where I could draw a line over my drawing to use as a guide.

Thanks for your time, take care.

Guide lines and dimensions

I'm always happy to add additional dimensions to BikeCAD. BB to handlebar end is one I could add to the next update. In the meantime, end of handlebar stack and end of handlebar reach are already available and will give you the X and Y coordinates of the dimension you're after. As for guide lines, one existing option is to turn on the crosshairs option in the Display dialog box. This will show a set of crosshairs overlayed on your drawing. You can right click and choose Lock crosshairs to fix them at a particular point. If you need an angled line, I sometimes find it helpful to draw a user dimension. Even if I'm not concerned with the length of the dimension, I can still use it as a form of guide line.

I would like to implement a snap feature, but it is logistically challenging at the moment. Something to work towards in a future update.

This drawing illustrates the end of handlebar stack and reach as well as a set of crosshairs attached to the top of the head tube.

thanks brent thats super

thanks brent thats super helpful. Stack and reach for the bar end gives me what i'm after albiet in a slighly more round about way, this is super! Also the crosshairs thing is very helpul to visualize. Thank you so much for your work on this program and your customer support!

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