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full scale prints for non-pro users

Hello Brent,

How trivial would it be to implement a print to PDF (full scale model) for a nominal per print charge for non-pro users?

I don't need the pro version 'right now' but would love to get a full scale print out.


Full scale prints for non-pro users

It seems like there is quite a demand for some sort of intermediate option between the free version of BikeCAD and BikeCAD Pro. I regret that there is currently no such option, but I will look into what can be done on that front down the road. In the meantime, I'll e-mail you to discuss an arrangement that might work until I actually have a pay as you go option implemented.

As an aside, I'll also mention that the $350 cost of BikeCAD Pro is a one time fee. As new versions of BikeCAD Pro are released, all owners of BikeCAD Pro get the new version for free.

full scale prints for non-pro users

Thank you Brent for the quick update.

Yes, I know that the $350 is a one time fee and it covers all updates. Right now for me to design a one off DIY bamboo cycle, that is a lot of money (Especially when you factor in Indian Rupee to Canadian Dollar conversion :) )

Looking forward to your email.


Full scale prints

Hi Vinu,

I already e-mailed you. If you have not received my message, contact me here.

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