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Lateral downtube offset at BB

By default the bottom bracket is centered at the BB. An offset is available vertically through the offset at BB checkbox. Is there a way to accomplish an offset laterally like we can with the chainstays through dimension F?

Lateral downtube offset

This is currently not an option. If I were to make this an option, I want to be sure that I understand what you are trying to do. To be clear, you would like the seat tube, top tube and head tube all to be in a single plane, but you would like the down tube to deviate from that plane and attach to the BB shell at a point offset from the central plane of the bike. Is that the case? What would be the reason for this?

Yes, this is correct. I am in

Yes, this is correct. I am in the process of creating a unique rear triangle which will require additional NDS support at the bottom bracket along with a certain "look". I am expanding on some asymetrical builds I have done recently. If such an option were to be offered, having that option for the top tube would be welcome as well, especially considering the options that present themselves with the large diameter head tubes that are so in fashion today. 

BTW, it appears I should have posted this in the Pro section.


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