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Available dimensions in Dimensions dialog box?

Do the available dimensions change randomly? For example, sometimes I can view 'End of handlebar reach from saddle' and sometimes it isn't available.

Available dimensions

There are some dimensions that will be greyed out when they do not apply to a particular design. For example, the dimensions defining the curvature of the top tube will not be available if the top tube is not curved. If you have chosen not to include brakes, then the dimensions defining the brakes will be greyed out.

There are other dimensions that are permanently greyed out in the free version of BikeCAD. End of handlebar reach from saddle is one example. I'm surprised to hear that you ever had access to that dimension in the free version. I don't believe there is any scenario where that dimension would be randomly enabled. The current version of BikeCAD is 8.1. While I don't remember this, it is possible that an earlier version of BikeCAD allowed for the display of that dimension in the free version.

available in older version

yes this dimension was available ... it's a pitty that it isn't any more.

Isn't it possible to get access to this dimension or reach from saddle to end of stem?

Access to all dimensions

You can access all dimensions in BikeCAD Pro. While it would certainly be my preference that everyone just bought that, I recognize that there are a lot of people looking for something in between the free version of BikeCAD and BikeCAD Pro. I'm currently looking into ways to make that happen. However, I don't want to diminish the investment that so many great builders and fitters have made already in BikeCAD Pro.

With each new release of BikeCAD and BikeCAD Pro the goal is to make each program more useful and powerful. You can see what's new in BikeCAD version 8.0/8.1 here.

Purchased bike cad pro

But the dimensions are all still greyed out - tried to follow along with welcome tutorial but the very first instruciton - to change dimensions - is completely greyed out in my version.  Just purchased on line today.

Dimensions in BikeCAD Pro

Thank you very much for purchasing BikeCAD Pro! Just to be clear, when you purchase BikeCAD Pro, the free version does not change to provide access to options that are greyed out. BikeCAD Pro is an entirely different program that you must install on your machine. There are instructions here for PC, Mac and Linux.

Could you confirm that you are actually running BikeCAD Pro?

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