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Seat Tube Taper Length

Hey Brent, 


Would it be difficult to implement additional geometry for externally butted seat tubes  e.g. taper length + butt length? Additionally would it be possible to indicate where that taper is visually (e.g. dotted line)? It'd be a little helpful for dropped stays. 



Seat tube taper length

You can already represent externally butted seat tubes using the variable diameter tube option. However, as you've pointed out, you currently cannot control the precise location of the taper. In an effort to simplify the interface, the seat tube was configured such that the diameter at the top of the seat tube will extend from the top of the seat tube to a point just a bit below the bottom edge of the top tube. I will consider adding the option to control this location to a future update.

I appreciate the

I appreciate the consideration and totally get the desire for simplicity. 

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