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HT and BB cutting template

Hi Brent,


There is a function that I think is quite good to have, in this case it would be the template of the HT and the BB where the tubes rest. Just as we have the template, for example, for cutting the ST, that same cut supports the BB, it would be good to have that template so that when we make the internal guides we can adjust the holes. 


I hope I have explained myself well. 


What do you think, would it be easy to implement?


By the way, when will the new version be available?




HT and BB cutting templates

I think I understand your idea. I will consider this for a future update. On the subject of the next update. I really thought I'd have it out weeks ago, but new features keep getting presented and I can't seem to say no. I hope to have it ready in the next month.




It would be nice to include this feature in v19.5 hehe

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