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Modelling Internal Tube View


Does anyone know if it is possible to view / model / export an internal view of the tubes showing tube wall thickness and butting?

Thanks in advance.

Butting profiles

I've just added the option to model the butting profile of tubes. This will be available in the next update.

Butting profiles

Thanks very much for this Brent

Butting profiles (external)

Will this also work for external butted tubes? I often use seat tubes that have an external butt at the saddle end, e.g. Columbus SLFI13520001. Being able to model this will help to get the tube length and the mitre correct.



Externally butted seat tubes

This can already be done. The Columbus SLFI13520001 has a diameter of 28.6mm at the base and 29.4 at the top. These dimensions can be input using the Variable tube diameter option shown below:

Admittedly, you don't currently have the option to specify the length of the externally butted section. However, BikeCAD automatically locates the taper a short distance below the bottom edge of the top tube, so the top tube will always attach to the butted section which I believe is considered optimal.

Externally butted seat tubes

Great. Thanks for the info.

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