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BikeCad on the iPad

I would gladly pay full price for BikeCad Pro if it were on the iPad, especially if it integrated FullSuspensionCad.

If it's all contained in a Java file, can that be easily packaged for iOS?

Dunno if you've used one, but they're pretty slick, fast & clean, like bikecad itself. The iPad+BikeCad package would be really attractive for builders who are builders, and not computer guys (which seems to be common). As well, it'd be the most sophisticated design app in the appstore. You'd probably get a huge amount of exposure for doing it.


Java on the iPad

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, Java is not supported on the iPad at this time. I'm crossing my fingers that that might change. If anyone knows of any developments on that front, I'd love to hear about it.

Oh jeez.

Bummer! I see on one site they say that only Java apps whose code has been converted to XMLVM will work... I have no idea what that is, but it doesn't look pretty. Lots of arrows: www.XMLVM.org/overview/

Dang Apple sometimes, being the North Korea of the computer world, not playing nice with anybody...

Thanks for the link

Thanks for pointing that out. Looks promising! I will be following that framework as it develops.

*old topic bump*

*old topic bump*

For what it's worth Brent... the Android platform's apps use Java and Samsung (amongst others) are flipping out Android powered tabs/slates like no tomorrow. Windows 8 which will arrive this year in ARM and x86 incarnations will also support Java (obviously)... so even if BikeCAD isn't "ported" to Android, it may be worth checking that BikeCAD plays nicely on the smaller screen format, as my current notebook with it's 1280x800 max resolution still have some of BikeCAD's dialogue boxes running off the bottom of the screen completely... :)

BikeCAD on Android

Thanks for the note. I'm excited to see what we can do with BikeCAD on tablets in the coming months.

BikeCAD on ipad

Hi Brent. 

I'd like to bring this thread up again. Afaik  the new ios supports java. So I'd like to ask wether you're still plan to build a bikecad version for ios. It would be a phantastic option to use it in our shop on the ipad.

Cheers, Stephan

BikeCAD on the iPad

I just skimmed through the summary of changes in iOS 17 and there is no reference to Java. Could you point me to some other reference regarding Java in iOS?

In other news, I have successfully run BikeCAD on a Chromebook. I'll have to put together some documentation for that soon.

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