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Ver 20.6 Strange Behavior

Hey Brent, 

I'm running into a strange issue. If I set up a bike the way I want it, with "stock" components that I've created myself (fork, h-bar, stem, crank) and I save the file, quit and re-open it, the stock components switch to something different.  You'll also notice that some of the dims placement switch (e.g. wheelbase)


Below are screen shots of how I just saved the file and what it looks like when i re-open it.

Image with 418 A-C is what I've designed. Image with 367 A-C is what opens up again. 


Do you have any thoughts as to what I might have done?

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For gits and shiggles I re-saved the file with a new name and the behavior is the same. 


Strange behaviour

I'm not sure what's going on here. In your second example, it looks like things have stabilized to the point where both models are the same. Am I missing something? I'd be curious to see the actual BCAD file so that I can investigate. However, I'm guessing I would need the original file, not the current file because at this point it appears to open in a consistent way.

Hey Brent, 

Hey Brent, 


I followed up via email this morning. The more I play around, the more I think I either did something wonky with this file or it somehow got corrupted. 


Setting brake rotor diameter to zero

It turns out the issue was that the rear brake rotor diameter got set to zero and BikeCAD choked trying to generate the geometry. I'm glad this was brought to my attention as I want to make BikeCAD sufficiently robust that mistakes like this can happen but the model will still load properly.

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