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Add components to library

Hi Brent,
Another subject, another topic.

Currently when you want to add a component to the library, bikecad ask you for a name and on a click add it to the library. Ok. But really often I want to replace the previously wrong component I add, or I want to remember the way I named the other components to have consistent naming.
So my request is : Could it be possible to open a save dialog when you click on the "add to library" button ? In fact the exact same dialog that Bikecad use to save templates will be perfect !


Saving components to library

Thanks for the suggestion. I will consider this. I think one of the reasons I implemented things the way I did is that component names and template names are sometimes automatically modified in the saving process. For example, Chris King 1.5" Devolution actually gets saved as: Chris+King+1.53z3z22+Devolution.bcad. This is because " marks can't be used in a file name and the spaces get replaced with + symbols which will make it easier for these files to be used online.

You may observe this when saving templates. The No Dimensions template is actually saved as No+Dimensions.bcad. If you find this file in the Save dialog box and then try resaving it as that, you won't overwrite the original file. Instead, it will create a new file which confusingly will be called No Dimensions.bcad. The file that is saved under the actual file name No Dimensions.bcad will actually appear in your templates list as No+Dimensions.

I attached a screen capture

I attached a screen capture of a dialog which address this kind of problem, not the best but works. You just need a "save/overwrite" button.

Thanks !




Saving components to library

To be clear, you can already overwrite components. Just switch to the Custom menu and click Add to library and name the component the same as an existing component.

Saving components to library

Yes, I already do this. My proposition wasn't clear. It's to have an editable drop-down list in place of the text field. So you can select the component you want to overwrite, or select an existing component and modifiy the name to use a similar syntax, or just look to the other names to write a name consistent with the others.


Add components to library

Currently, when adding a component, it's added directly without the option to specify a name or location. I propose adding a save dialog similar to saving templates. This would allow for better organization and consistency in naming components. I believe this enhancement would greatly benefit users and streamline the design process. 

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