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Chainstay bend specs as input

This might be a feature already... but most distributors give their dimensions for prebent chainstays in bend angle (8 degree, 8 degree for a 2 bend chainstay). Would it be possible for this to be an input into the chainstay tab (to see tire clearance in auxiliary view)


Chain stay bend specs

Although this is a popular request, it is currently not an option to directly input chain stay bend angle. You can however show the chain stay bend angle along with a variety of other linear dimensions as shown below. By tweaking the dimensions that can be directly controlled and simultaneously watching how the angles change as a result, it is still quite feasible to match up the specs of whatever chain stay you may be using.

Chain stay bends

Chain stay to BB angle

Hello Brent, 

Could you advise on how to show the angle on the BB side? I cannot manage to find it in the settings (I see "angle at dropout" only).

Thanks a lot!


Chainstay miter angle

You found the "Angle at dropout" dimension. Coincidentally, I think the angle you may want is just above that. It's called Chain stay miter angle. What I mean by miter angles is explained at: bikecad.ca/interior_vs_miter_angles.

Hello Brent,

Hello Brent,

Thanks for your swift reply!

I'm still confused though. On yuor animation we see two angles relative to the parrallel. One at the dropouts and one at the BB.

In your animation, both keep the same value but what I'm trying to do is to simulate these angles from my Zona tubes (see atached).

Am I missing something?

Thanks a lo for your support!


Columbus Zona chain stays

Below, I've replicated the Columbus Zona chain stays. Note that if you play with the chain stay length, Cz, or F dimensions, the bend angles shown below will change. This model was configured using bend method 1. Once you use method 1 to match the chainstay specifications, if you want to trim down the length of the chain stay at either end, I would first switch to bend method 2. This way, even as the overall length might change, the bend angles and the length of straight tube between bends will be held constant. Also note that the 18° bend is listed as ∠1 the 8° bend is listed as ∠2.

Columbus Zona chain stays

Thanks a ton for this great support Brent!

All good to me now :)

Chain stay bend specs

That's a cool graphic

Chain stay Bend Specs

I think a handy addition here would be to be able to save the chainstay specifications and name it like you can components and simply recall the specifications if you wish to include them in a different drawing. Would this be a possible addition?

Saving chain stay bend specs

That's a good suggestion. I will try to implement that.

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