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Sorry can't find forks anymore

Hi Brent, I seemed to have lost where the fork part of all the tubing, seat stays, stems, couplers area. Are all the forks now in a different dialog box. Sorry for such a basic question I am sure it is right htere

Fork dialog box

Below is a screen capture of the BikeCAD Pro 8.1 interface. The red arrow points to the icon that should open the fork dialog box. The fork dialog box is also shown.

Fork dialog box

Let me know if this does not answer your question.

Fork and wheels

That part I know my issue is that my dialogue menu does not have wheels or forks on it I may just reload the program and see if it comes up then

Hey Brent I reloaded 8.1 and

Hey Brent I reloaded 8.1 and it is back to regular dialog

Fork dialog box

I'm glad you sorted that out. I'm not sure what might have happened there. However, I can think of one possible explanation. By going to View >> Customize you can uncheck various icons and menu options to remove them from the BikeCAD interface. The intent there is to allow builders to simplify their interface by removing options they never use. For example, a mountain bike builder may choose to remove the aerobar option as they would likely never use it. Perhaps the fork icon was accidentally unchecked in your Customize dialog box.

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