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Display is distorted

I have a new monitor that is wider than my old one, 1024 x 768. When I open Bikecad pro 8.1 the entire screen is stretched out (left and right) and the bike is distorted. Any ideas? It makes it impossible to design.

rich adams

Screen aspect ratio

This is not likely a BikeCAD specific issue. I suspect the circle shown below will appear similarly distorted on your monitor. I seem to recall that you are using a PC. On Windows, you should go into your control panel by clicking on the Windows logo on the bottom left corner of your screen and choosing Control Panel. If you are using two monitors, you may be able to fix the issue by going into the Display section of your control panel and ensuring that the screen resolution is correctly assigned for each monitor. However, assuming you are just using the one monitor, you may need to look for a special control panel for your particular graphics card. You should still find this in your main control panel, but what it's called will depend on the make of your video card. Possibilities include NVIDIA Control Panel, ATI Control Panel, AMD Control Panel, etc. Each of these should offer some sort of aspect ratio control.


Brent - Thanks for the info.

Brent - Thanks for the info. I will check it out. Yes, the circle does appear distorted on my monitor.

Having just installed a 24"

Having just installed a 24" monitor, I found that i had to drop down to the third resolution level from maximum-to get the circle above to display correctly. 


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