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seat stay rendering not generating

Hi Brent,

In my balance bike design, I'd like the downtube and seat stay to appear aligned in the same slope.  Initially the stays were parallel to the ground but instead I'd like it angled.  When I turned on the seat stay feature it appears to not be displaying.  Would you advise what features I should be adjusting to make this work?



Seat stays

I pulled up your most recent balance bike and discovered that you'd set the location of the back end of the seat stays to 200mm in front of the rear axle.  The seat stay was still shown, but it was only a tiny little stump that ended shortly after it began near where it was attached to the down tube.  As you can see in the screen capture below, I changed the Sx value from 200mm to a more reasonable 10mm and this resolved the issue.

Also, rather than attaching the seat stays some distance along the down tube, I attached them to a point along the seat tube which is aligned with the back end of the down tube.  You can see my modified model at: bikecad.ca/1375306911749.

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