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Hub dimensioning

Would it be possible to have the hubs in the wheel building menu have different size flanges and spoke crosses?


It already allows different offsets, but to get spoke length data you then need to spec 'different' wheels each time.



Hub dimensioning

As the screen capture below shows, you can already specify different hub dimensions and spoke crosses in the wheel dialog box.

I'm guessing the point that you are actually driving at is that when wheels are saved as standard parts, you must save the hub, spoke, rim and tire specs all together.  I can appreciate how it might be nice to save standard rims and standard hubs as individual parts allowing you to mix and match.  However, that is not currently an option.

Be aware that you can easily save your own standard wheels in BikeCAD Pro by clicking the "Add to library" button after having configured a new wheel using the Custom option.  When naming your new wheel, I would recommend choosing a name that is descriptive of the hub, rim and tire.

Hub dimensioning


What I was after here was the abilirty to have 2 different E dimensions.

For example a hub like this: fairwheelbikes.com/alchemy-orcul-rear-hub-p-5751.html

And then the ability to have the drive side 2x and the non-drive side radial.

The ability to save hubs and rims individually would be great too, but I hadn't got that far

Hub dimensioning

Thanks for the clarification.  That's a very good idea.  I'll try to account for that in the next update of BikeCAD.

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