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unresponsive / java crashing? Win 8.1

I haven't used Bikecad for several months but would like to now. I have a new computer since the last time, win8.1 and using chrome. I can't get things to work. I added a java security exception for this site, as shown in another thread, I also lowered the security threshold. 

WHen i try to load the applet, i get a pop-up saying the java plugin is unresponsive and would i like to stop it. (Jave SE7 U51). One time i managed to get my model loaded/displayed but was not able to do anything. I tried firing up IE to see if it was any different but it doesn't appear to be. I'm not sure what else to try...

Unresponsive Java

Looking at your account, I see that after posting this, you were able to save a BikeCAD design online. I therefore assume this issue has resolved itself. Let me know if that is not the case.

Yeah i think it is working

Yeah i think it is working now. I managed to get a model loaded in internet explorer. Then i noticed that the chain and derailleur were displayed and had read a recent post saying that that can be problematic, so i disabled those and re-saved the model. THen i left town for a couple day. Have just now gotten back to take a look and it does appear to be working in Chrome.

Showing chain

It's not really a problem to show the chain or derailleur. It will just cause things to run slower.

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