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Basic angle question: Interior vs miter?

Hope all is well Brent. 
Quick (basic) question on mitering angles. 

I am going to be setting up my new milling machine to start cutting tubes! 

Looking at my design it appears there are two angles given...miter angle and interior angle. 


Top Tube Rear Miter angle: 165.9˚

Top Tube-Seat Tube interior angle: 75.9˚

Whats the difference between the measurements?

To me (based on the visual picture) it seems that I would set up my mill (the vise has a graduated swivel) to the Top Tube-Seat Tube Interior angle. 

Thanks for any guidance and sorry for the basic question.



Interior and miter angles

This is a good question and one I've been meaning to post an explanation for in the FAQ. I've just done that now. You can read the explanation at: bikecad.ca/interior_vs_miter_angles.


Thanks for the quick reply! The detailed and visual response was very helpful. Hope you have a great time in Charlotte. Travis


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