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I can't get 8.1 to work on my laptop

Since I got back from the hospital (got hit again) I can't get my copy of 8.1 to work on my old dell. I have tried to get it to work but it just keeps trying to unzip itself. I have a set of plans that used to work but now no good. I guess that three hundred and fifty bucks I spent might as well have put the money in the street and set it on fire. 

mike frye AKA Frye Bikes


All updates are free, so is my support!

Hi Mike,

I'm very sorry to hear about your latest crash.

When I walked you through the installation of BikeCAD Pro over the phone two years ago, I tried to emphasize that if you ever had any trouble, I'm only an e-mail or phone call away. That commitment has not changed.

Also, all updates of BikeCAD come at no extra charge. I trust you'll appreciate the new features added to the program since version 8.1. Those enhancements are described at: bikecad.ca/faq.

I suspect the key to getting your old version running again will be a tool called Jarfix. Although you are welcome to continue using version 8.1, when I call you later today, I'm going to suggest we walk through the installation of version 11. Version 11 will be able to read in your old designs as well as new version 11 designs. The procedure for installing BikeCAD on your PC is the same as it was in version 8.1. I can help you install it on both your PC and your Mac.

Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

guess what ? he got it working even for an idiot like me

Looks like the main problem was that my old PC did not have a useful version of JAVA to run this copy of Bikecadd, and Brent walked me though the update procedure. BOY DO I FEEL DUMB.

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