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Printing Chainstays

Hi - I would like to be able to print the chainstays at 1:1, which will fit on a long A4 page.  Is there some way to get them squared up to the page so they don't need to be rotated after exporting a pdf?  What about a view with only the stays on the page?  That would be great!  Not only for printing, but for designing them it would be nice to just see the stays.

Printing chainstays on A4 paper

A sheet of A4 paper is 210mm x 297mm. I'm not familiar with a "long" A4 page, so I'll assume you were only using that term to describe how you would orient the chainstays lengthwise along the sheet as opposed to widthwise.

Unfortunately, 297mm is not long enough to display most chainstays in 1:1 scale. Even BMX chainstays are usually at least 13.25" which is 336.55mm. Given the space available on an A4 sheet, I just don't think what you're proposing would work. Let me know if you had something else in mind.

Actually I have sheets of A0

Actually I have sheets of A0 size or something that I cut into 210mm x about 600mm (twice as long as A4) and everything fits pretty nicely.   It just would be nice if the stays view was at least square to the page.

They could also be printed

They could also be printed 'tiled' on two A4 sheets, which I have done as well but it is far less convenient.  Most printers I think can do this automatically.

Printing JUST the chainstays and or seatstays

This post kind of died without resolution.  What I think rpiontek was asking, and what I would like to know as well, is how to just print the chainstays and/or seatstays (preferably in an orientation that doesn't waste paper).  I have no use for a full size drawing of the frame but would love to have a full size paper reference when bending chainstays and seatstays.  Brent help!

Printing just stays

I will plan to add the option to print only the stays and to have those views oriented horizontally or vertically. However, in the meantime you can likely get something that will work by creating a drawing that is focused on the stays. You can do this by changing the values for the free space around the frame. This is discussed at: bikecad.ca/fitting_the_titleblock.

While a typical drawing might look like the one below.

In the Title block dialog box, you could switch from landscape orientation to portrait orientation and change the free space values to achieve a drawing like the one below which is focused on the seat stays.

To achieve the drawing above, I used free space values of Left: -50mm, Right: -1200mm, Bottom: -380mm.

While it might seem like a lot of work to tweak your drawing to achieve this view, this process would go quicker down the road if you saved this setup as a Title Block Template. Templates are described at: bikecad.ca/templates_in_bikecadpro.

Exactly what I needed to know

Thanks Brent.

Hi Brent,

Hi Brent,

Did you include the option to show just the stays horonzally or vertically? I don´t see how to do it.


Chain stay view

I regret that I did not implement that change in the latest version. My recommendations above still apply.

Ok. Thank you.


Thank you.

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