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Production Frame Comparison

Hi! I work in a bike shop, and want to be able to show my customers the difference in frame geometry between Trek and Specialized bikes.  Both Trek and Specialized give geometry, but no pictures, or the ability to "overlay" frames to show, for example, wheel base or BB drop differences. I thought I could use BikeCAD to do that myself, but the details required to input frame geometry, as far as i can tell, are too in-depth.


Does anybody know if BikeCAD already has, let's say, Tarmac vs Roubaix vs Madone vs Domane geometries already inputted? I have already doen the raw dimesnion comparison, now I just want to be able to show a picture....




Production frame comparison

You can search the BikeCAD Design Archive for any brand and model you're interested in. If the info you're looking for hasn't been shared yet, this would be a great project to take on at your shop. Measuring all the bikes in your inventory could be a lot of work, but documenting the measurements in the form of a BikeCAD model would mean you'd never have to repeat the work you've done. Also, once you've got a few models saved, you can easily compare them using the Multi-model PDF export option in BikeCAD Pro.

Because you came to the design archive to search for certain brands and models, you can be sure that others are doing the same. Being the first shop to upload reliable specs for a popular bike would be a good way to promote your shop and let customers know you are serious about fit. Be sure to customize your profile to promote your shop as described at: bikecad.ca/setting_up_user_profile.

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