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Bicycle chopper chain frame custom

Hi Brent,


Thanks for the answer and that I am in this cummunity. I met with the program and I am curious from the full version:))Before to  buy it  I will training with this online version which you are provided and to improve my skills . Can I use different materials  from pipe ? Like a chain for example.

Below i want show you my project over I work and can I create  with this program, is it possible for future projects? Thanks,






If you search for the term Chopper on this site, you'll find various examples of choppers similar to yours. Unfortunately, you cannot replace a tube with a length of rigid chain. The best thing I can suggest for that is you add an on-screen note pointing to the tubes that should actually be chains and not tubes.


Thanks for advice, its realy dificult to curve the tubes like  I want . Regards!

Curving tubes

Curving tubes is easier than you might think. There's a video tutorial about this at: bikecad.ca/curved_tubes.

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