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on screen notes fields too small

Hi Brent,

I have to work with a lot of notes when using BikeCAD for frame drawings. Right from the beginning years ago I wondered why the fields where you have to enter the text of the note are so short and don't grow in length if you increase the width of the "on screen notes" dialog box.

Most of the notes I work with are part of the templates but I still have to edit some of them for each new drawing. That's when it's most disturbing that I can't increase the width of that editor fields. Is there a way to do this that I have not yet found or is it some "fix" that you can easily accomplish?

kind regards,



On screen notes enhancement

Thanks for the feedback. That's a great suggestion. I have just made that change as you can see below. You'll see it in BikeCAD version 12 which I hope to have ready in early March.

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