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Shape Tubing Mitre Template

Hi, Brent,


I have problems with the cutting template for columbus tubes, in this case with the HX tubes. 

I put the tube data in bikecad.

I generate the cutting template.

I print out checking that it is done at 100% or actual size.


When I present the template, it is small, it does not reach the total diameter of the tube.

I can send you the generated template if you wish.






By the way, the rest of the

By the way, the rest of the tubes are perfect



Columbus HX tubing

While BikeCAD is capable of calculating miter templates for elliptical tube profiles, it is not set up to consider the irregular shape of a Columbus HX tube. The profile at either end of the Columbus HX downtube is shown below.

The templates are likely too small because BikeCAD is assuming perfect ellipses while your profiles are more like a cross between an ellipse and a rectangle. I'm sorry I do not have a solution for this. You could increase values for G, H, J and K but it would only give an approximation of the true miter profile.

I imagined something like

I imagined something like that. 


Thanks for your answer.

Any chance that BikeCad could

Any chance that BikeCad could have these profiles worked out and available as a standard tempate?  A big ask I know :-)

Odd tube profiles

This is one of the things that consistently occupies space in the back of my mind. Logistically, it will be tricky to obtain good drawings of the various tube profiles that are out there, but I won't rule out some development on this in the future.

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