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Bike cad pro license renting ?

Hi !

I like bicad free version, but i need some of the pro features for a couple of weeks.

I can not afford buying the full license cost, so i was wondering if there is a way to buy a limited time license for the pro version ?

BikeCAD Pro short-term use

Unfortunately, I don't have an option for using BikeCAD Pro for short term use. When you purchase BikeCAD Pro, you will receive all future updates at no extra cost. You can have the program installed on up to three of your own computers at any given time. Those three computers can be any combination of Mac, PC or Linux machines. If one of those computers should need to be retired, just login to your account on BikeCAD.ca and download another copy of the latest version onto the replacement computer.

Having said this, I recognize that some people are not in a position to justify the full cost of the program. If that's you, just contact me. I can offer coupon codes for discounted rates.

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